Here at Hal Shoes, we take pride in offering you stunning European shoes for your children that will show off their style and help them to make a statement.


One of our favorite brands is Papanatas, a Spanish shoemaker that has been in business since 1957. The key features of a Papanatas shoe are elegance, style, and timeless fashion that will pair with all your child's favorite outfits.


You can expect a wide range of shoe styles, from sandals to flats and Mary Janes to Oxfords, let us take you through some of their most popular shoes.


Papanatas Leather Baby Bootie

The leather baby bootie comes in blue and pink so that you can choose a first walker that matches your child’s gender. The overriding sense you get when you look at this shoe is tradition, as this bootie will take you back to times gone by.


Made from soft leather, these booties not only look super cute but are soft enough to take care of your child’s growing feet.


Papanatas Houndstooth Smoking Shoe

If you are looking for a classic shoe with a fun twist, then the Houndstooth Smoking shoe is a great choice. Made in Spain, this shoe is all leather and fits comfortably on your child’s feet so that you don’t need to worry about them.


When it comes to styling this shoe with an outfit, you can choose colorful clashes or a monochrome look, both of which will make them look the part and show off their new shoes in the best light.


Papanatas Camel Weaved Oxford Shoe

Oxfords are one of the most classic styles you can buy, and the Papanatas Camel Weaved Oxfords not only use the classic design but have delivered them in a classic camel color too. These shoes will look amazing on your child’s feet, giving them the sophisticated look you are aiming for.


These shoes are made from leather with laces and are easy to put on and take off. Because the leather is soft, they will fit your child's feet like a glove and mold to the shape of their foot for maximum comfort. They really are an excellent choice.


Papanatas Leopard Sandal

Don’t think that Papanatas only make serious shoes for formal occasions; in fact, this could not be further from the truth. The Papanatas Leopard Sandal is designed with fun and freedom in mind and will let your little one exude their own fun style when you next take them out.


These sandals come with a buckle fastener so that they remain on at all times, and the leather and rubber soles make them easy to wear. They look great paired with shorts or a dress and add a fun dimension to any outfit choice.


Hal Shoes Stock Panpanatas

If you are keen to get hold of a pair of Papanatas for your little one, then come to Hal Shoes. We stock a huge range and will happily deliver them to wherever you are in the US. Check out our online store today.